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What Can a WMF Grant Fund?

The purpose of the William Male Foundation (“WMF”) is to provide financial assistance to individuals who are interested in pursuing the arts, typically through non-traditional educational avenues.

Examples of assistance may include the following: dance or voice coach; Pilates or physical trainer; acting workshops; photography and videography equipment; specialty apparel; conference and competition fees; transportation and living allowance.

The following are examples of artistic pursuits grant applicants may have and examples of the types of costs they may incur for which they may request financial assistance.

FIGURE SKATER: A figure skater may incur the following expenses when training in the art of figure skating:

  • Spin coach, jump coach, and Pilates instructor.

  • Rink time.

  • Videotaping of practice sessions and competitions.

  • Competition fees, special performance costumes, and incidentals.

  • Transportation and lodging costs.

ACTOR: An aspiring actor may incur the following expenses:

  • Voice, dance, and yoga coach, as well as a physical trainer and nutritionist.

  • Tuition for specialty acting studios or academies.

  • Headshots and specialty attire.

  • Transportation and lodging costs.

VIDEOGRAPHER: An aspiring video artist may incur the following expenses:

  • Specialty equipment (e.g. video camera and tripod).

  • Computer with editing software.

  • Tuition for courses in advanced operation of equipment and software.

  • Competition fees.

  • Transportation and lodging costs.

MUSICIAN: A musician may incur the following expenses:

  • Private lessons from professional musicians.

  • New instrument.

  • Tuition in proprietary performance academy.

  • Transportation and lodging costs.

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