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The William Male Foundation (“WMF”) awards a broad array of grants to assist individual artists in San Diego County.  Applicants may be pursuing formal training in the arts at a college/university/academy or from a private instructor or coach.  Formal training, however, is not required, and funds may also be used for travel, study, or other similar purposes to enhance a particular skill of the grantee or to produce a specific product.

The typical grant is between $1,000-$5,000.  The maximum we award during one grant cycle is $5,000.  Artists often apply for grant renewals, and we have continued to support artists with additional funding when we can.

Application and Selection Deadlines: Applications are accepted throughout the year, and grants are awarded twice a year. Grant decisions will be made on April 1 and October 1 of each year. Application and grant periods are as follows:

Applications submitted:

Will be considered for the following grant date:

January 1 to June 30

October 1

July 1 to December 31

April 1

Any applicant not awarded a grant is welcome to submit a new application.

Criteria: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and residents of San Diego County, California. Applicants must demonstrate potential for success in their chosen field by submitting letters of recommendation from instructors, supervisors, or colleagues, and samples of their artistic work.  The selection committee looks at a broad array of criteria, including artistic potential, work ethic, financial need, and potential benefits to the artistic community in San Diego.

Selection Process: The selection committee reviews all applications and selects the grant recipients on an objective and non-discriminatory basis pursuant to a procedure approved by the IRS. The selection committee may request an interview with the finalists before making a decision. WMF will notify the grant recipients in writing once a decision has been made.

Duties of Grant Recipients: Grant recipients will be required to submit reports annually, no later than January 31 of the year following the award year, and upon completion of the purpose for which the grant was awarded. If the purpose is completed in one calendar year, only one report will be required. The report will include a list of the expenses paid with grant funds, receipts of such expenses, transcripts or progress reports, and a statement by the grantee regarding the progress made toward the purpose of the grant.

Reapplication: We welcome grant renewal applications from those who have previously received grants.

Ineligibility: The following individuals are not eligible for WMF grants: officers, directors, employees, managers, grant selection committee members, substantial contributors to WMF or their family members.

Records Retention: WMF retains records pertaining to all grants awarded, including contact information for the grant recipient, the application used to evaluate the grantee, the amount and purpose of the grant, and the grantee reports regarding usage of the grant funds. Records will be retained for at least three (3) years or as may be required by law.

Taxes: The grant recipient should obtain independent tax advice regarding any grants received.

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