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A Year of Waiting

by | Mar 15, 2021

Victor De La Fuente was another artist we interviewed at the very beginning of the pandemic. We awarded him a grant to go towards a performing arts piece called Ziggurat. But COVID-19 made his plans for the performance impossible:

During the calendar year of 2020 I was not able to accomplish much for my proposed project for the William Male grant due to the COVID-19 epidemic. My proposed budget was mainly targeted to support collaborations (actors, musicians, technicians), rehearsals, rehearsal space and travel . . . that all still remains impossible during this time. Because of this, my expenses only reflect the minimum usage mainly for items that I need for my art studio to continue my practice at home on my own. My hope is this year (and I am sure everyone else), 2021 there will be a significant shift of events where I can hold my planned rehearsals and continue the work as planned.

I have made progress with my writing of the play. I have been able to revise it and also branch out into writing other plays that I also would like to explore once my rehearsals with my actors begin again. Ziggurat is perhaps not only a singular play but it could become a series.

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