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Danielle Ward

Danielle is a versatile freelance writer who has collected stories throughout a variety of roles such as a: mock trial administrator, global peace event organizer, substitute teacher, bridal consultant, traveling bookseller, and literary festival producer. In all things, Danielle is passionate about exploring multiple perspectives on issues relevant to today as well as celebrating our humanness through the connective tissue of storytelling.

Danielle is grateful to receive funding from William Male Foundation to support the completion of her autobiographical fiction piece, Catch Her in the Lie. Based on her experiences of coming out while coming-of-age in the 1990s, this novel is built from chapters featuring books typically read in high school—Pride and Prejudice, The Great GatsbyPrincess Bride, and Crime and Punishment, to name a few. Weaving themes, quotes, and character names, into her own story, she captures the flavor of each classic, while exploring a more contemporary journey of self.

After studying Theater Arts at UC Irvine, with an emphasis on playwriting, Danielle followed with an MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University. Over the last two decades, she has enjoyed lifted up the writing of others in the story/literary departments of DreamWorks SKG, Mark Taper Forum, and San Diego Repertory Theatre, all of which deepened her knowledge of storytelling techniques.

Born and raised in Southern California, Danielle now lives with her wife in Chula Vista where they tend to their “little zoo,” which includes: a rock'n'roll son, a mystery-loving mother, and three “Are you ready for a walk yet?” dogs.

In addition to her own wordsmithing, she works as a dramaturg and new work midwife, empowering others to discover their own writing path and make changes that honor their vision. Learn more at

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