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Irene Zepeda

I am a passionate independent artist, printmaker, and community leader from Southeast San Diego. I received my Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I serve my community by sharing my art, my art making skills and by organizing projects centered on arts and culture that build community. These are all activities that I believe bring healing to my community! I use the transformative power of art making for self-healing, introspection and to assist in creating my living dreamscape. Art holds transformative powers that have helped me understand the greater depth of myself.

In my studio practice I work primarily as a printmaker with linoleum. My fascination with printmaking comes from the fact that I can constantly create prints that have an element of originality to them rather than photographic reproduction of a painting or drawing. Knowing that I am the “printer’ is very important to my work.The process becomes a form of meditation for me as I am guided by inks, tools and paper to create a composition that is strong and graphic. There are several steps to the printmaking process from the conception of the original design: the carving of the linoleum, the inking, then pressing and finally the pulling of the paper. The process brings me back to art being my therapy, as there is a process to self healing and steps to take to reach a greater understanding of experiences and life lessons.

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