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Jennifer Georgescu

Jennifer Georgescu is a photographer in San Diego. Her work describes instinctual aspects of humanity correlating to and differing from societal structuring.  With a background in painting and photographic arts, she utilizes digital technology to “paint” with reality.  Her projects analyze dualisms in language, relationships, mythologies and control.  “I often search for the balance that exists in between these dichotomies.  This is how I view humanity; always teetering on the line between fiction and reality, domination and submissiveness, self and other. Her conceptual, photographic work has been widely exhibited, published, and awarded.  Recent exhibitions include: The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, The Griffin Museum of Photography, and The Center for Fine Art Photography.

In 2019, the William Male Foundation awarded Jennifer a grant to assist her with her exhibit at The Griffin Museum of Photography. Here's Jennifer talking about her experience with the William Male Foundation:

Find out more about Jennifer and her work at her website.

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