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Kathryn Lillich

Hi there! I’m Kathryn Lillich — singer, harpist, devoted dog-mom and Classical/Celtic crossover musician. I was born and raised in Southern California, now a resident of San Diego. Growing up, everyone in my family was musical — and I do mean everyone — so it was only natural that music became an integral part of my life. I started piano at age 4, voice lessons at 7, but didn’t discover the harp until I was 17. I wish I could say the rest “was history,” but that wouldn’t be strictly accurate. I spent most of my life studying classical music, and didn’t start incorporating Celtic music into my career until that pesky pandemic. Now I do both. I sing with the Celtic harp, and I also work locally as a classical singer for professional choral ensembles, gigs, etc. And of course, I teach. I have a hybrid studio of online and in person students, ages 9 and up where I teach harp, singing, and singing with the harp. More about that at

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