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Stacey Uy

Stacey Uy is a graphic designer, writer, amateur historian, and zine publisher. For more than 10 years, she has used design to create joyful experiences that elevate how we relate to and treat each other, working alongside folks like the Ladies of Sound, Pacific Arts Movement, and Asian Solidarity Collective. Since 2019, she has self-published an illustrated history zine called Radical History Club, which seeks to unsettle the colonizer, capitalist, and anti-Black narratives of U.S. history we're taught in school. The goal of her work is to de-mystify resistance movements and make their lessons accessible. Every issue takes a chapter from U.S. history and tells it from the perspective of the people who have resisted, to be a record that there are still, and have always been, people resisting and fighting for the world we deserve. Radical History Club exists to help young people and adults see their struggle, in solidarity with those who have resisted, both in the past and present.


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