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Trixi Anne Agiao

Trixi Anne Agiao is a socially conscious dance filmmaker and choreographer residing in San Diego, California. As a mental health advocate living with mental illness, she focuses creating work on mental health awareness and eliminating the stigma of mental illness. Trixi graduated from UCSD in 2012 with a double bachelor's degree in Dance and Psychology. Teaching dance and working professionally since 2012, Trixi danced for several companies in San Diego including Visionary Dance Theatre where she eventually became Assistant Artistic Director. In that position, Trixi was able to really grow and develop as a choreographer. Trixi recently started focusing on producing her own work through film. She's a couple short films that have been chosen to play in several festivals including San Diego Film week 2020, SINE KWENTO: Filipino Stories in Film, and Create From Home Film Festival 2020.
Trixi also uses her digital guise, The Thoughtful Beast, to create online content that also fuses her art and advocacy work. Her YouTube channel houses educational skits, personal stories about mental illness. In December 2020, Trixi started a podcast titled "Ready to Talk" where everyday people share their personal experiences, opinions and knowledge about everything related to mental health from being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder to systemic racism.

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