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Surviving as an Artist

by | Mar 29, 2021

The pandemic made it difficult for artists to perform, but many artists also make a living by teaching, and they saw many of their classes reduced or eliminated. David Rich was one of those artists who could not perform live or teach, and we were able to assist him to fill in some of those gaps in his income during this time. We're so happy to hear that he was able to continue to create during this most difficult of years:

I was able to (safely) create three livestreams last year, one of which was a Black Lives Matter benefit show, record and produce a song for Jason Mraz, record and produce three songs for my own band, as well as create a music video. I was honestly surprised with how much I was able to accomplish with all of the restrictions and concerns regarding COVID-19, but I am grateful that the artists around me (including my band) were prudent with mask wearing, social distancing, and testing, and I am forever grateful that William Male Foundation was able to help me financially during an incredibly stressful and turbulent moment in history.

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